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How about this one: Jean-Claude Eloy - Shānti

****The two track reduction from the original four track tape is a special version made in the Cologne Studios, the mixing of the original tracks being varied from one reel to another onto the two tracks. For the best results we suggest four loudspeakers, track one coming from the two on the left (front and back) and track two from the right (front and back). It is best to listen at a high volume, and with a balance between the four speakers to create the best "illusion" of quadraphonic sound.****
pretty much any stereo recording with lots of synthesizers and or percussion is worth running through a decoder just to check it out. Similarly, any stereo vinyl (or commercially released reel to reels!) which came out in the late 60s or early 70s is also worth a run through with a decoder just to hear what pops out of the rears. The second Queen album is a classic example of this. It is definitely not a quadraphonic recording, and yet if you run side two of the vinyl through a decoder you will have wonderful things leaping out at you. The truth is some non-quads “decode better” than some real-quads. it just means that exploration and curiosity can really pay off when you love multi channel sound.
Appears to be another one for the not quad list
YES that's why I listed it

I know MANY items with writing like ****recorded on a 4 CHANNEL...****

If interested let me know like that I would check my personal notes... but it will take MONTHS as I have to check over 30 CDR

Of course I also am interested by items that have the writing like ****recorded on a 4 CHANNEL...****

So if you know any do let me know, THANKS!
Spied this one on discogs that I don't see in the classical quad discography:

Yuji Takahashi 'Purcell's Last Pieces' Denon 40X-9023-ND (UD-4)

This seems like the kind of atonal rubbish that @humprof would enjoy. :D
I resemble that remark! Only these seem to be works by English baroque composer Henry Purcell--or maybe fanciful "completions" of purportedly unfinished works by Purcell (or at least purloined from Purcell, then "compiled and modified" by Takahashi? I can't quite work it out from the liner notes)--performed on clavichord, harpsichord, piano, celeste, electric piano and electric organ. I want to hear it, regardless! Calling @J. PUPSTER! Or Michael J. Dutton!
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