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Feb 15, 2015
wpg, mb
The Mystic Moods - The Gates Of Love is a song from the album Awakening

Good on you , Mark

I'm not too familiar with The Mystic Moods releases. Actually , I don't think I have ever bought any of those CD-4 's.
But I do have 2 dts cd's. And I Now see that song is on Cosmic Force .

I suppose someone had too many cocktails at the FCC Listening Party.

@fredblue , I believe QS came in rather low on the quad accuracy scale , last place with the FCC Tests .

But I'm wondering what QS and BBC Matrix H music selections (or albums) they listened to ?

Now of course that was back in the mid to late 70's , when both mono and stereo were so important to a lot of audiophiles and John Q Public .
Sadly , There were far too many skeptics early on , and then there were the kind of people (Purists) that wanted things as it were.... in both Stereo and Mono including Elevator music like MUZAK .