Robert Reed / Magenta bandcamp Friday


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Robert van Diggele

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Apr 12, 2009
Woerden, The Netherlands
Hi all,

Today is bandcamp Friday and Rob Reed has a lot of his surround cd/dvd sets for a great price. In case you are missing one of more sets, this is the day to buy them :)

Bandcamp Friday where Bandcamp waiver their fees for 24 hours.
It's a great day to support your favourite musical artists.
So for 'One Day Only' we have some great deals on both this and the Magenta Bandcamp pages.
Bandcamp Friday (February 4th) starts at 7am UK time.

Robert Reed page
Sanctuary I CD/DVD £8 digital £5
Sanctuary II 2CD/DVD £9 digital £5
Sanctuary III 2CD/DVD £9 digital £5
Cursus 123 430 CD/DVD £8 digital £5

Magenta page
Cyan - For King And Country CD/DVD £10 digital £5
Magenta – Chameleon CD £5 digital £4
Magenta - Songs From the Big Room CD £4.50 digital £3
Magenta - Revolutions 2CD £7 digital £5
I also wish I had ordered these sets from Laser CD. I had them in their cart for about 8 dollars less, but I figured I'd order through Bandcamp to "support the artist." Now the expected delivery date is March 22.:(