Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs New 5.1 and Dolby Atmos Mixes!!


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Ok, I'm on my first listen. I first listened to the remastered cd very loud, while I was doing some stuff in and out of the room, and that sounded excellent.

Then on to the bluray. I don't have Atmos, so first off I listened to the 5.1 DTS HD. Now that was sounding like a front loaded disappointing surround mix, so I switched to the Atmos mix, which goes down to True HD on my system. And that was much much better, with the rears now balanced and actively involved.

So, at the moment, I would say that I'm satisfied (not in life, but with this release!) (y)
Delivered a few hours ago.
Gave it a quick listen.
The first song “Day Of The Eagle” was a real letdown and kind of soured me, a bit.
The rest of the album was much more discrete and engaging and quickly sweetened my appraisal. I definitely need to listen properly with my full attention but I am glad I bought this.

Someone needs to tell those that produce these mixes that they really need to find a way to make that first song spectacular. It really makes or breaks the listener’s first impression
BTW I felt the same way about Def Leppard’s Pyromania.
Got my copy yesterday and listened to Atmos mix last night. 5.2.2. Yeah, this is probably not the demo disc you play for friends. Rears are not very active. Surround just beefs up the soundstage. Reminded me of the new T Bone Burnett Atmos mix of his new album in that regard.

However, whenever I started to question the mix, the music pulled me in. I must have Trower receptors in my brain that meld with his guitar. I can't say I expected a demo multichannel mix given the nature of a 3 piece band. And I didn't get one. Still an engaging listen.
Just finished ripping Bridge Of Sighs, quite a chore, but got it right, goofed up on 1974 Original and 2024 Remix. The 1974 stereo original has shorter times than the 2024 stereo remix.
There are a total of 7 separate rips on the one Blu Ray.

EDIT: I fucked up. The CD has 10 rarities and the Blu Ray has 13.

Rippers, just stick with the Blu Ray.
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I received my copy yesterday. Wow! 50 years ago, this LP was my second listening experience while stoned on Mexican headache weed! My first LP under such stimulation was Todd Rundgren's "Todd", but that is a story for another thread. Back then, "Bridge of Sighs" sounded soooo good, so wonderfully recorded and masterfully produced. Always a fan of Procol Harum, I was thrilled to hear Trower's clear expression as a leader. "Twice Removed From Yesterday" was fantastic, and "Bridge" was even better. Today, I opened my copy with great anticipation, and appropriately set the listening mood with a gentle buzz from my medical marijuana (much better than the old weed). I was not disappointed with the experience. I decided to start listening with Dolby Atmos 7.1. As with other comments seen here, "Day of the Eagle" didn't deliver toe-curls, but the overall clarity and sound was a major improvement over my CD copy. However, the hairs on the back of my neck stood and applauded with the remaining tracks. Yes, the rears and sides were often subtle overall, but the ambience of reverb and the increased definition I experienced were quite satisfying. I then selected the DTS 5.1 mix, and agree this mix wasn't as warm, punchy, and immersive as the Atmos. Had I not recently upgraded to Atmos, I would have been happy with the DTS 5.1, or my old receiver's Dolby Surround interpretation of the Atmos. I'll be listening to this again, and hope that more titles from Robin Trower can be delivered sooner than later. Isn't surround sound music wonderful!
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