Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup Deluxe Edition (with 5.1 & Dolby Atmos mixes!)

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Huh, well why didn't we get that KBFH SQ Quad mix? 😒
I think I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but all the original (SQ-encoded) KBFH masters burned up in a warehouse fire sometime around 1982, so it doesn't exist anymore. All that would be left would be the 7 1/2ips tape copies sent out to radio stations, which are probably 2 or 3 generations down from that original master, which is presumably why they decided to do a stereo remix from the multis for this set. Sometime in the mid-90s the new KBFH rights holders discovered that all the original multitracks survived as they were stored separately from the mixed masters, so all the KBFH released digitally since then has been from new remixes from those multis.

I'm not sure if KBFH made a discrete 4-channel master at the time that they did their SQ-encoded 2 channel versions (or if the SQ version was derived from a discrete master) but I guess it's a moot point anyway as those tapes would've burned up as well, and DIR (KBFH's pa,rent company) only sent out SQ-encoded reels to radio stations so there aren't even any lower-quality backup copies.

I'm guessing the Stones probably had the original Brussels multitrack in their archives given that they had their own mobile recording unit (the Rolling Stones Mobile, which was used for all sorts of location recording from Deep Purple's Machine Head to the O'Jays and Billy Paul live albums) and it seems likely that it would've been used to record the Brussels gig, especially since Jagger was involved in the original mixing.


Feb 2, 2016
I blame the rippers for sowing confusion. :ROFLMAO:

I continue to repeat myself by offering a simple listening test for anyone who can spin [NOT plays files ripped from] the Abbey Road blu ray on a 5.1 system.

Listen to the 5.1 lossless mix, then compare the Atmos mix and see if you hear a difference on your system.
To me, it proves that Atmos is "fully compatible" with 5.1.
On my 5.1 system the Dolby Atmos layer on the Abbey Road blu ray plays slightly louder than the DTS layer. All Dolby audio files typically play at a slightly louder, usually more compressed volume on my receiver compared to the DTS layer. It's not a subtle difference to my ears, it's an audible difference. It's some sort of Dolby encoding preset that seems to click on when I engage the Dolby audio option. For that reason I usually prefer DTS on my receiver, when it's a playback option. That's just from standard playback from a Sony bluray player to an Onkyo receiver via an hdmi cable.

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