HiRez Poll Rolling Stones, The - GOATS HEAD SOUP [Blu-Ray Audio (Dolby Atmos)]


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Rate the BDA of The Rolling Stones - GOATS HEAD SOUP

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The mix is what it is, if it's not your cup of tea, fine.
Not a soul complained about about the 5.1 mix on Kraftwerk 3-D.


Compatible 5.1 from Atmos is real, and it works.
If you own the highly-rated Abbey Road blu ray and a 5.1 system you can test it yourself.
Both DTS-HD MA and Atmos are available.
I do own the Abbey Road Blu-Ray so do yourself a favor and compare the fidelity difference between the DTS-HD stream and the Atmos 5.1 compatible stream. You can switch between them while you're playing the disc. The DTS-HD destroys the Atmos 5.1 stream which is the reason I'm not happy with GHS having no DTS-HD stream.
I do own the Abbey Road Blu-Ray so do yourself a favor and compare the fidelity difference between the DTS-HD stream and the Atmos 5.1 compatible stream. You can switch between them while you're playing the disc. The DTS-HD destroys the Atmos 5.1 stream which is the reason I'm not happy with GHS having no DTS-HD stream.
Would you describe the differences you are hearing comparing the Abbey Road Atmos mix vs the Abbey Road DTS-HD mix. Thanks
It's okay. I gave it an 8, but felt guilty because I don't have a set up for Atmos. I agree with the comments that "Dancing with Mr. D" doesn't start things off well, but that things improve after that. The book being stuck to the packaging doesn't bother me so much as the fact that my posters are wrapped so tight that I couldn't get the little rubber band thingies off for fear of ripping the actual posters. So I haven't even been able to look at them yet. I dunno, let's hope the next Stones album in 5.1 is done better.
I've gone back and forth, but I ultimately went with a 7. I love this album so much, and in a lot of ways, I think this box is a failure, but there are enough strengths to push it into that higher range. I might give it a 6 on one day, an 8 on another, so let's stick with 7 for now.

I do not have Atmos capability, so I'm ticked off that they did not include a separate 5.1 option, as promised. The mix, as many have said, is inconsistent, but it actually is pretty active in the rear speakers. Love the horns blasting in on "Heartbreaker", though I feel as if they tried to put too much information in the rear speakers on that tune, making it all a bit jumbled. "Mr. D" is a travesty. The rest of the mixes are good to great, with "Coming Down Again" being the highlight. I think the videos are a cool extra and I'm really glad they mixed the bonus tracks in surround, but it really surprises me they didn't throw the original album mix on the BD.

Bonus disc and Brussels Affair, in many ways, save this package. I would have loved more material packed onto the bonus disc (there's so much more they could have included), but I've actually enjoyed listening to it nonetheless. Brussels can't be beat and I'm so glad to finally have an official version on CD. New mix of the album also is interesting and different enough to provide a compelling listen that I certainly will return to.

Packaging is a mess, esp. since my copy arrived with the corners all smashed, courtesy of the fine folks at uDiscover. It would be nice to read the book sometime, but I'm afraid that the whole box is going to tear in half because the frickin thing is glued in. To borrow the title of one of the Stones' most unnecessary releases, "Grrr!"
A little disappointing that this is the first properly available surround mix of a stones album and it's not one of their best.
The mix is tame imho but I guess it's the stones so not much to spread.
I would have preferred either a lock 5.1 or dts-ma dedicated 5.1 as well.
Also why was the album not presented in original stereo on the blu ray also I'm sure they could have added the audio for Brussels in hi rez on the disc.
Very expensive set which is probably swinging my vote down as well. Effectively £25 per disc. Looking at the King Crimson 1969 set we are talking closer to £5 per disc.anything more that £10 per disc really needs to be better than what we have here.
After some time has passed........my main issue with the set was not including the quad mix of Brussels on the BD, though I don't recall if that had anything to do with master tapes being unavailable. The (unauthorized) DVD-A I have isn't clear on what the source is, but the mix is incredible, so it's a shame it couldn't be included.

The set is also a bit overpriced - I think the $80 range would have been fair.

All that said, I have spun the surround mix multiple times and find that I still enjoy it a lot. It's still a fun, yet slightly unadventurous mix. (note that I don't have Atmos height speakers yet and am hearing it in 5.1) Hopefully whomever does the next RS surround release takes note of the misses from this set so as not to repeat them for the next one.
Yes, this one's a mixed bag! To have it so overpriced and then arrive banged up...well, it has lots of company on my shelf full of banged-up box sets!

I am basing my rating listening to it on a 5.1 setup. Yes, the mix quality is uneven. And the songs are uneven. But I compare this with the original vinyl at the time it was released, which always sounded muddy to me in a way that I didn't like, and I love how some of the songs have opened up. Piano really brought forward in a good way on some of the tracks.

To each his own...I turn my display off rather than look at the nasty goat soup! Going with a 7 overall...but I am really glad to have it for the good songs!
I gave it a "6". The sound is so-so but the Stones aren't renowned for hi-fi product at this stage of their career so I wasn't expecting to be blown away. My main problem is with the packaging which seems to have been designed to justify a high price rather than a reasonable presentation for the product. The four discs could easily have been presented on a single page within the book (as used by numerous other sets) and saved all the extra packaging which effectively makes the whole thing twice the size that it needs to be. I'm quite happy to live without the rolled-up posters and recipe but they could still have been included in the set having been re-sized or folded. I guess it comes down to a choice that was made to charge around £100 for the current version against £60 for a more concise version. Mick, Keith and co. must be feeling the financial pinch at the moment.
I have given it a 3. Solely for the Blu-ray disc.

In the first place it doesn't contain the advertised DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1.

In the second place I tried listening to it after listening to surround music by several other artists. It was embarrassingly bad. I couldn't make it through a single track without cringing. The eq is horrible. The blurry ambience is overpowering. None of the mixes have anything going for them.

Seriously overpriced junk.
I am going with an "8" (or as I like to refer to it a Bullwinkle) I am also going to go the lazy route by way of explanation as DennisMabry' post #26 could have been my post, minus the wife the analog outs and I have a Pany Blu-ray not an OPPO other than that his assessment of GHS pretty much mirrors mine. But I will add that the more I listen to it (about a half dozen times so far and I have gotten used to what it is as opposed to what I want it to be I am enjoying it more (the album has been with me since the original release day, always a fave) even Mr. D is sounding better to me it does seem more 5.1 lite than 7.1 on my 7.1 ATMOS system the rest sounds pretty good to me on my setup, go figure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) Hopefully I will be adding some height speakers come Christmas (y)and see where that takes it (greater heights hopefully ;))
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I voted 7. Catching up on my ATMOS releases, including this.
I listened at 50db, wanted to go higher but too harsh. I am a very high voter almost always voting 10 on surrounds.
Listened to full ATMOS 5.1.4.
The fidelity is so harsh, upper mid range and treble, my ears no like.
Surround/discrete, maybe a little, nothing great. ATMOS heights, uh ambient at best.
The box I hate, small posters, glued book to box, c'mon man, this is not that hard.
I will not listen to this again. I will take my Japanese SHM SACD over this any day of the week.
I of course am slamming this and I ask myself why? Mainly because I think they could have done way better.
How does one improve, by making better from there mistakes. Rolling Stones, try again.
For me this release is a big disappointment. Got it in between the Doobies collection and the 1st Santana one and this one is dreadful compared to those. I wasn't going to buy it just on the cost, but ended up getting it as a birthday present and can't recommend it. The surround mix never really impresses me and I just don't think it's that good of an album. Not a bad album, but not one that has enough to keep me coming back. And, for me, Star Star is just a horrible song. Obviously others disagree on the music. The live disc was good but I doubt I'll listen to the extras very often. If it had been just a standalone release priced right i might think more highly of it, but for the price I'd recommend spending your money elsewhere unless you're a real big fan of the album.

I have had this for awhile and had mixed feelings on how to rate it, but I have settled on a 7 bumped up to an 8 for the inclusion of the Brussels Affair disc. On my system the mix sounds better with the rear speakers bumped up by 2.5 - 3 dB. A single blu ray with everything on it would have been preferable.

I only knew the songs Dancin' with Mr D, Angie (of course) and Doo Doo etc (Heartbreaker) but I do like all the songs on the album.

Never heard Star Star before, but the lyrics were, um, er, interesting....

In addition to the three singles I really like the songs Winter and Can you hear the music.

Overall, I'm glad I bought this and hope to see more Stone's surround albums.
I changed my vote from 7 to 8.
I first listened to this when my rig was brand new and I was trying to figure out what ATMOS and music really are. Now I have figured things out a bit more.
The foundation, 5.1 is always most important, the heights (I have 4 in ceiling speakers) are more like an enhancement to the lower foundation.
I find movies in Atmos far better than music, I digress.
This Blu Ray is very tame in all aspects, I am not going to debate track by track as others have. Overall my experience was heights, although not discrete, certainly immersive.
It seems that the star of the surround show is piano in rears, track to track.
The three bonus tracks are equal to the album.
Albeit my sentiments are brief, it does not change how I feel about the overall release.
I will wait for Atmos to be fully embraced with possibility's of discrete music in heights, just didn't happen on this release.
I think about Let It Bleed , Exile On Main Street, and Beggars Banquet, I am glad they tried there first attempt at surround on this rather than those.
Track 9: Can You Hear The Music- yes, just not the way I wanted to.
I had another listen to this today and I stick with the '5' I gave. The 5.1 mix reminds me of the Beatles No. 1s supposed 5.1 surround album. Very little in surround in my opinion. Giles always plays safe.