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Mar 2, 2002
This section can become a library of sorts for all quadraphonic hardware that members have owned of have lusted for. Let's keep every thread based on a specific piece of hardware. Please keep all random discussion and non-specific discussion in the parent forum section to this one.

Anyone can create a thread here, but please, only one thread per model. In order to allow sorting, start the thread title with a catagory code, as follows:

RCVR: Quad Reciever
AMP: Quad Amp
Q8: Quad 8 Track Player
Q4: Quad Reel to Reel
TT: Quad Compatible Turntable
SQ: SQ Decoder or Encoder
QS: QS Decoder or Encoder
CD4: CD4 Demodulator

or if you have something outside of the above codes, make one up and we'll use it for future like equipment.

For example, a thread title could be as follows - RCVR: Sansui QRX-7001

Remember, this forum section is for information, not questions, unless the questions are about the equipment within the specific thread.

THANKS for your cooperation and let's see what develops here. I'll go through my old catalogs and such and start a bunch of threads in the next few weeks.



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Jan 11, 2010
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G'day Mod's...

I created the QCASS: definition for the old Astrocom 307 quad cassette deck which I believe could record and playback in Quadraphonic, in real time.. Some of the old multi-track (4 track) cassette decks from the 80's I think?? could be used as Quadraphonic devices to record and playback old school Quad decoded sources as well, but I'm not sure if you want to use a different definition for those.

Some of the cheaper units however could playback in Quad but only record in two channels at a time....and here is where the definition breaks down a bit. So maybe under the definition of QCASS could be a clarifier "A 4 channel cassette unit able to record and playback a 4 channel source recording on all 4 channels in real time".