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Russound QT1 on US ebay

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Jun 6, 2011
I don't have enough equipment to justify it, also it doesn't seem to come with the patch cords but I am sure someone here will be interested:

Quad Linda

Staff member
Jun 3, 2011
DROP YOUR WAD ON QUAD Chicago, Illinois
Bought mine from Gaylord Russell himself at '77 summer CES. It was a new product and the patch cords had to be shipped later. They are a 2-conductor mini plug on each end. Patch cords aren't needed for normal functions of the switchbox.

There are standard phono (RCA) jacks on the back panel.

I've had 4 main systems in those years and QT-1 has been attached to all of them.

A wonderful piece of gear, though a bit confusing to use at first.


2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Feb 15, 2015
wpg, mb
Had one myself years back .

At the time I had quite a few decoders hooked up to it. These were:

Sony SQA-2030 (with the amp disconnected-straight decoding of SQ and RM )
Fosgate 101A(SQ)
Sansui QSD 2 (QS Vario matrix w/ Matrix H and HJ adapter)
Electro Voice EV 4 (EV-4)
Harmon Kardon 44+ (CD-4)
and my Superscope Q8 player , might have been hooked up as well or it was in my Sony preamp discrete jacks.

Anyways it was a versatile unit for anyone with multiple decoders/demodulators. So I would recommend it to any curious quadraphile that might be sitting on the fence. :)


1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Dec 14, 2004
Los Angeles
Can one find a user manual for this and if the missing patch cords are not needed for ordinary use what then are they used for?