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Sad news about a forum member....

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Mar 2, 2002
I could be wrong too. I thought Jon mentioned it last week.
Ed had cancer and it was not good. He battled it and was hoping he'd make it to the White Album release. When he didn't login after that came out I searched and searched the internet, asked over at SHF, Pm'd, emailed, but got no response. He did not surface for Abbey Rd, so I have to assume that he's gone. I don't think he'd not login here since 10/25/18 if he could. His PM's to me about his battle were very heartbreaking.


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Dec 14, 2004
Los Angeles
I am so sorry to hear that about Ed and frankly about anyone here.
You read a persons posts over time and even though you have never met them you feel you got to know them.

We are a niche in a niche. I only have one old friend who though not into surround is into the music we grew up with and still buys it and turns me on to recommendations like Hawkwind , Armageddon and now this Budgie group. He listens to Coltrane and Miles and Charles ives too so hes well rounded. Of my other later friends in my life only one of them was interested enough to still go to concerts....