Sansui QRX-7001 CD-4 pots

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Oct 7, 2016
How hard is it to get at them to Deoxit them?

I am getting decoding but the pots are super scratchy and both separation ones are showing signs of desperately needing a good D5/F5 treatment. Because, of course, who knows how long it's been since anyone's tried to play CD-4 through this bad boy. I just don't remember what this beast looks like inside however. How much time should I plan for this exercise, is it an hour or so job or does it require real disassembly? Yes, I will be hitting the quad mode selector while I'm in there, that has been problematic before.

The good news is, everything's working! I'd never tested CD-4 on this unit as I never had a working CD-4 capable table and disc when I'd had it set up previously; it is working just fine however with no issues other than the above. It is a good bit simpler to operate than the Marantz as well, when you add a turntable into the mix.