Sansui SP2500's Hand-Me-Downs.....

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Hi, I was given a pair of Sansui SP-2500's some time ago by a friends parents, but never used them. Recently a friend of mine from Japan was over and was really impressed with them, saying they were really good.
I wasnt sure whether or not to believe him though.....I am almost positive that they still work, just a little dusty...
Can anyone tell me if they are good/or worth anything?



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Mar 8, 2002
In answer to your question, in my opinion, the Sansui SP speakers are excellent. The SP series of speakers were manufactured during the heyday of quad and were some of the best speakers of their time. They have stood the test of time very well. I have two pair (for quad) of the Sansui SP 3500 speakers that were purchased new in the 70's. They are still the primary speakers of my surround sound system and they still sound great.
I also have a pair of the Sansui SP 2500's that I picked up a couple of years ago. While these are nice speakers, I'm a little spoiled because they really don't compare in sound to the 3500's. But for the size they are, they're very nice also.
The Sansui SP series speakers can be found for sale very often on Ebay. The 2500's and 2500's are both very common. Take a look at completed auctions if you want to get an idea what they sell for. Despite their heavy weight people are willing to buy them because of their great reputation.