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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this brand new 30th anniversary edition of Seal's second album.
This new 30th anniversary edition contains a brand new Dolby Atmos mix alongside the original 5.1 surround mix originally released on DVD-A/V back in 2005.

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This is SUCH a great album. I can’t believe it’s been 30 years. Love every note.

it’s a nice package. And nice that they included the 5.1. Odd it’s not on the packaging, but maybe they just think that will confuse people? 🤷‍♂️

But I have two quibbles that prevent me from giving it a “10”. I should say upfront I listen on 5.1 and, as always, listening is system-dependent. I prefer the Atmos mix in terms of surroundy-ness. Although the 5.1 is quite good. But the Atmos mix is nowhere near as punchy as the 5.1 on my system. The vocals sound muffled and the drums weak. Maybe it’s just my system or an artifact of folding down to 5.1 but….that’s what I have.

Plus, I’m disappointed that at least the previously-released bonus tracks aren’t in surround. Especially the Hendrix covers and “Fly Like An Eagle”.

Not to mention I already have the 5.1 from the earlier release. So I have to give it a “9”.

But damn….what an album. Takes me back.
I am surprised at the little review attention this is getting here. Are people perhaps only still receiving their copies?
Anyway, I have atmos (5.1.4), and doing a changeover comparison between atmos and 5.1 on the first song (Bring It On) I agree, the 5.1 bass does feel tougher on the 5.1. The atmos is still great though. I didn't notice a difference so much with Kiss from a Rose. There also seemed to be different treatment for the vocals, and I preferred the atmos (it felt as if there's more separation in the harmonies, perhaps a treatment more possible with atmos?).

The album sounds lovely (and classy) throughout and is of the immersive/atmospheric school of approach with discrete moments now and then, such as in Dreaming in Metaphors. It's not an album I know at all, apart from the single, and I want to hold off rating it until I've had time to properly enjoy both the music and the mix. I feel I will probably land on a nine.
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I finally got a chance to spin it but when I came looking for the poll only found the older release.
Anyway, I listened stereo and 7.1.4 and as mentioned above, lovely is a great term to describe it. The vocals enveloped me as I had hoped and I was able to just immerse myself in the music and enjoy it.
I'll have to run it through the math before I rate it but sounds great, packaging was simple and very affordable so if it doesn't pull a 9 I'll be surprised.
No bones about it, this is a great album. It has excellent content, performances, fidelity and mixes. I really love the Atmos mix except for one song: Kiss From A Rose.

I immediately went to Kiss From A Rose in Atmos and was underwhelmed compared to the 5.1 mix. That song was mixed into Atmos by Tim Weidner, and is mixed more conservatively than the balance of the album which was mixed by Alex McArthur. It's still good, but sounds somewhat out of place in comparison.

But it is worth every penny for the other nine Atmos songs which are spectacular with voices coming from above at times, yet always tastefully done.

A 9...It would be a 10 if KFAR had gotten the same Atmos treatment as the other songs.

[Edit: Listening right now to KFAR in stereo upmixed to 7.1.4 using NeuralX and Dolby Surround. It sounds better than the Atmos.]
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This is a 9.5 rounded up. Great album and mix, just my way of saying while not perfect, it’s top notch, and in any case you have to round up. It’s math. There is some sibilance here and there, vocals are centered mostly with lush backgrounds in the rears and, I think, heights. Absolutely love “Dreaming in Metaphors,” a real highlight. I didn’t a/b vs the Seals Best 5.1 which I recall is also fantastic.