Select your "Must Have" Namlook dts CDs (Thread 4 of 4)

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Select the Namlook dts CDs that you think are the "Must Haves" of the collection (4 of 4)

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Aug 25, 2018
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My QQ comrade @Simon A (aka Toast of Namlook) recently turned me on to the work of Peter Kuhlmann, know in these parts as Pete Namlook. Taking my cue from this thread, I decided to compile an official poll with viewable results that listed all of the released titles. Since Namlook is no longer with us, this will be our go-to spot for future eBay searchers to find the most desirable titles.

You can vote for as many titles as you like. You will NOT be able to change your vote on this one, so think carefully, although you probably already know. Remember, there is no limit to how many you can vote for.

I took the titles from this discogs link. I count thirty-nine (39) distinct titles. Please let me know if any additional titles should be added. We're up to 40!

NOTE: I am only able to add ten (10) titles per thread. This is the fourth of four threads! #1 #2 #3

Stay Surrounded, Comrades!
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Simon A

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Jun 13, 2015
I love every single Namlook 5.0 dts CD release which is why I have voted for every one of them. I will add a few listening notes.

Pete Namlook & Various ‎– The Ambient Gardener Series

Limited to 300 copies. Namlook was such a smart cookie. He put together four compilations showcasing a bunch of amazing tracks from his label's many releases and named each comp after a season. The 5.1 mix is seamless and is just phenomenal. If you enjoy Jean-Michel Jarre's first albums and more recent Electronica, check these out. They are mastered a bit hot, but they still sound great and the mixes vary from discrete to ambient (fitting the more ambient tracks) and quite busy.

Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue - Broadway 2350 IV

This one is a really smooth and quiet Ambient album. Synth pads mostly with simple melodies. No major arpeggiator workouts (I love those though).

Namlook • Montanà ‎- Labyrinth Series

Lorenzo Montanà & Pete Namlook worked together on all five volumes of the Labyrinth Series and each disc is excellent.