SPOTLIGHT Sept 4, 2020 - Official release date for Doobie Brothers Quadio at $59.98 List

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Jun 30, 2014
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I don't really understand the quasi-outrage over this being an artist store exclusive for a couple of months.

The live music industry (of which the Doobies surely make most of their money these days) has been disproportionately affected by the shutdown, and I don't think the end of that is in sight until a COVID vaccine is developed or the pandemic burns itself out - either way I don't think you'll see full-scale touring until next year at the earliest. This isn't just about the band itself - touring supports a whole ecosystem of talented people including instrument techs, sound and lighting people, roadies, merch sellers and so on. Much like the movie industry, it's the actors you might see on screen (or in this case, musicians on stage) but it's all those people in the credits doing jobs that you might not fully understand (best boy? key grip?) that count on that gig for a paycheck.

It may not be a perfect solution, but at least record shops and the like will probably be able to re-open in the near future whereas the same can't be said for the band's ability to tour. And let's be honest with ourselves, how many people were going to buy this from any place other than Amazon? Even if the band's webstore doesn't offer the kind of knock-down discounts and easy shopping experience, I'm ok with putting a little extra money in the coffers of of Doobie Bros. Inc. (or the Rhino webstore, the label that's making this happen in the first place) rather than Jeff Bezos's pocket, especially at a time like this when voting with your wallet has more of an effect than simply being a moral or ethical statement.
Not only that, but The Doobies had to cancel what promised to be a particularly profitable tour this year: Tying their 50th anniversary in with the RnRHOF induction and reuniting with Michael McDonald to play larger venues than they’ve normally been playing the last several years.

they might be able to make all that up once the COVID thing is over, or it might just be a complet lost opportunity.