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(Son of) Collection MC classical SACDs for sale


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Kal Rubinson

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Jul 22, 2004
With apologies to those who may consider this inappropriate, I am looking to sell a collection of classical SACDs in bulk. I have just sold the house where that collection and a small MCH system were used and I am in the process of emptying it out.

I am scanning them now to offer a listing but that's not yet ready. However, if you are interested in a collection of 600-1000 (estimated) SACDs (>90% classical), please contact me by PM. Thanks.
I now have a (semi)full list of 1010 recordings (not just discs). I say that because there are probably 50 or so that would not scan or be located by the program. Mostly SACD but with other Hi-Rez discs and about 90% classical. If any one is seriously interested in buying the entire collection at a bargain basement price, I can send a link to the listing. I do not want it posted in public. For pickup in CT or, possibly, NYC.