Sound quality differences between streaming 5.1 and/or ATMOS and the physical Blu-Ray

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Mr. Afternoon

The Only Surround Astronaut
May 10, 2021
A Rocket
Well I would say any lossless format trumps a lossy one. Considering the Apple Dolby bitrates leave only 128kbps per channel, I would say a lot of people aside from me and my young ears could be able to tell the difference. Again, there's also availability concerns, and mix concerns too, as it seems there's much less effort being put towards the Atmos mixes on streaming. If you really want digital surround, purchase from IAA. If you want physical (SACD, Blu-ray), go for it!

I am convinced streaming Atmos and 5.1 is a ploy by companies to destroy the audiophile market and prevent anyone from ever owning a good copy of music ever again.