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Found this gem the other day a 1st pressing STEREO, $2 thrift store, looks like it sat in a box for some 64 years, jacket ain't great but inner sleeves and disks are m- This live one take recording is amazing and is a true reflection on how great a live recording could be done in the late 50's. .Best $2 think I've ever spent.



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Johnny Guitar Watson - A Real Mother
Orignal 1977 LP

I'm actually not real familiar with Johnny Guitar Watson's material; but trying to remedy that now. Full of very smooth but funky vibes.

I do know that Frank Zappa considered him one of his favorite guitarist's; and now that I've heard this one, I can definitely hear all kinds of Watson's influence in Frank's music.

This is also destined for an up-mix I'm sure 😋

Sold three LPs yesterday, 2 of them Telarc Early Digital translucent vinyl ones...had only play graded ONE of them, so I am spinning the other two.. the Bolero one was quite noisy the first time through but , on second playing, it's much cleaner...


I should say that those trips to the Salvation Army have been really fruitful...from $1 to .. $11.. hell, I sold a Lenny one for $30 recently! It was minty and I saw it's quite rare...
(this one)
Best of Chad & Jeremy 2 ch
The Man Incognito - Alphonse Mouzon
Bloomfield 2 LP CBS posthumous compilation
Hot Pennies - Red Nichols & Five Pennies mono LP
Best of Leo Kottke 2 LP Capitol comp

Brave Belt II (BTO)
If you've never heard of them, perhaps you know the groups these guys were in before and after. Randy Bachman and Chad Allen were formerly in Guess Who. Randy's brother and CF Turner were other members. Brave Belt I is mostly Chad Allen leads. Brave Belt II has a few Allen leads and several others by CF Turner. Guess-Whoish tracks w/Allen. BTO-ish tracks w/Turner. BB I & II were/are available on a single import CD. Their next album was BTO (I) w/o Allen.

Here's a Turner lead: