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Mar 4, 2002
In the past I have read here, there and elsewhere (various print magazines and online sources when the Web appeared) about one negative of quadraphonics was the requirement for four speakers. Guys didn't seem to mind that need but some fellows had female others residing with them who expressed dismay to anger to other negatives about having all those speakers in the room.

Here is an ancient (a subjective interpretation) print advertisement with a, to me, rather unique way to ease the path to placing four speakers in a room. I leave it to you to interpret what this ad is trying to convey and who and what the target market is and the advisability of using unclad lasses upon the page to, I presume, since there are four pics of the lass, represent the four speakers.

Hmmmmmmmmm . . . I sure do miss my Sansui QRX-9001 and other quad stuff but situations and circumstances change but the memories of Santana's Black Magic Woman swirling around the room as I lazed in my recliner and the many hours of listening to synthesized quad from stereo input are fond memories of the past.


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LMAO! I actually bought a pair of these way back in the day. My first speaker purchase (what a noob!). They had real marble tops! The look was cool, but the sound not so much. The drivers were belly height when seated and most of the money for materials went into the furniture. Returned them after a week or two for a pair of Electrovoices.