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Oct 24, 2006
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Of course CC 2019 has center channel extraction.
Effects -> Stereo Imagery -> Center Channel Extractor...
Yes, some context is in order here. When Adobe first released AA 3.0, I believe the center channel thing, whatever, wasn't there. Well, we sure complained about it to Adobe by email, and it was added back with a quick update to 3.0.1, if memory serves. But, wouldn't you know it, Adobe removed it from further upgrades with CC versions. Also scripts wouldn't work with it and the MC window was gone, if I'm remembering it right. So we were stuck with AA 3, which was perfectly fine.

We also had a member try to create a stand alone Quad decoder GUI. I'm not sure what happened with that project. Another story.

It would be interesting to know what tools are there or not with AA 2019 with regard to Multichannel mixing. Might be cool if one could do Atmos mixing and other types of surround. But as it is, with AA 1.5 to 3.0.1, this is the best we can do now, which is still amazing and worth working with.