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Steven Wilson 2.0/5.1 mixes

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Jul 13, 2015
Portland, OR, USA
I have both mixes of In Absentia, and while I like both, I prefer Wilson's overall. I never tracked down Scheiner's mix of Deadwing, contenting myself just with Wilson's. Maybe I should seek it out. :unsure: It would be really cool to hear the full, two-disc release of Signify in 5.1 ... oh well, I guess we can't have everything.
What are you on about, mate? Each of those albums has only received one surround mix, and in both cases, the mixer was Elliot Scheiner. In Absentia's stereo mix was also not by Steven Wilson, but rather Tim Palmer and Mark O'Donoughue (Deadwing's stereo was mixed by Wilson).


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Feb 28, 2019
Mixes are really good, mastering can be improved, I think that's the consensus about these records
OK, yeah, it might be the mastering. I think I liked them when I first heard them back when they were released, but now they just sound loud and clumsy.


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Dec 26, 2018
Ohhh boy, I got all of that badly wrong. :( Sorry, everyone. I had it in my brain that the two DTS Entertainment 5.1 releases did not contain the same mixes as their counterparts in the later WHD series of CD/DVD-A sets. (I picked up the second run of those - IEZP-54 through -58 - much earlier than a copy of the DTS Ent. DVD-A of In Absentia.) Thanks for pointing it out; I should probably get my head examined. 😖 There’s a silver lining though, I guess: no need for me to pine after a DTS Ent. copy of Deadwing, under that misguided apprehension. 😅 More moneys to spend with Michael Dutton instead.