Still experimenting: QS Synthesizer Surround Emulation

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Apr 22, 2005
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Ok, this is not related to quad matrix decoding, but it's an emulator of the fantastic Sansui's QS Synthesizer Surround, which is capable to "quadriphise" a stereo source.
During experimentations with my Qs script in AA1.5 I was trying to amplify the separation between tracks, but I wasn't happy.
So, just before running the qs script, I did a "pan/expand" effects to front.wav and rear.wav and saved them.
The result on decoding was awful!!!!(n)

But I tried it with a stereo source and guess what??
It was amazing!!! it separated channels so perfectly I was a bit confused...
I tested with my old copy of JT "thick as a brick", and it was amazing.
So if you want to try, you must "pan/expand" your front.wav and rear.wav with a value of 150%.
Save your files and then run my script that you'll find here.
p.s. it's a better version of the one attached to this thread

Have fun!!!

p.p.s. I edited this post with a better QS script.
I tried myself this one with various QS samples and the results are amazing.
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So... are the front and rear wavs the exact same after they expanded but before they are run through the script?...

in other words:

open a wave in Audition
expand/pan to 150%
copy the original wav and rename it rear.wav
run the script.