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Surround movies

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Nov 8, 2013
Best Buy - Deal of the Day - 9.99 Marvel and Disney Steel Book 4k movies - about 5 Marvels - Capt Marvel - 3 Iron Mans and a Thor ohhhh and Lion King 2019 the rest Disney cartoon movies - Today 2/16 only

Snood bought 5 and used a 25 dollar Best Buy bux that me knew me had but it expires Sunday and had no Idea, used another 15 card and all 5 for 14 plus bux :SB
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Aug 6, 2014
Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Here are 2 of my recent "brain off, volume up" watches:

Brightburn (2019) 4K:
1. Some discreet surround moments.
2. Room-rattling lows. Had to drop the sub 4dB from its usual level.
3. An interesting idea that would have benefited from a better script and more experienced director. Worth a look if you like Superman though and have a spare 90 minutes.
4. Elizabeth Banks was good.

Kong: Skull Island (2017) 4K:
1. I watched the BD back in 2017 and the surround mix always stuck in my mind as being very discreet, almost throughout the entire movie. Picked it up on 4K and gave it another spin, and am happy to report that I remembered correctly - very discreet all round.
2. More room-rattling lows. Had to drop the sub 4dB from its usual level again. Had to straighten a large picture 3 times during the movie too as it was angling down and I didn't want to run the risk of it falling off the hook. At one point, the reflection in the glass showed it wobbling around like a maniac.
3. Pretty forgettable movie but a good one for showing friends and family what decent home cinema/surround mixes are like. Wish they were all this good.
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