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Synergy - Sequencer

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Cai Campbell

In Remembrance
Since 2002/2003
Mar 4, 2002
Seattle, WA
As many of you already know, Synergy's "Electronic Realizations for Rock Opera" is a wonderful QS recording. The CD maintains the integrity of the original LP and decodes wonderfully with a QS decoder.

It is an absolute myth that the follow-up LP, "Sequencer", is also QS encoded. Check out Larry Fast's (Synergy's) own website to confirm:


Specifically, consider the following excerpt from that page:

"The Quad phenomenon had died down a lot since "Electronic Realizations" and due to the compromises in sound quality and dynamic range I decided to opt for a conventional stereo mix. Mastering to disk was performed by George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York."

Just to be absolutely sure, I e-mailed Larry Fast himself and asked him about it. Lo-and-behold, he actually replied and was very helpful. Without a doubt, "Electronic Realizations" is the one an only quadraphonic release from Synergy.



Forum Curmudgeon
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Since 2002/2003
Mar 2, 2002
I seem to recall having that "Sequencer" album on clear vinyl and it having a surround sound statement of some sort on the back of the jacket.

But then again, I may be wrong..........



800 Club - QQ All-Star
Since 2002/2003
Mar 9, 2002
I always liked SYNERGY but never got a listen to it in QUAD... On another note... I like the color scheme on your stars .. Very SHARP!
GEEEZZZ! I just noticed..... This is my 500th POST!
And it seems like only yesterday when I.... Man I need to get off....


Exiled QQ Veteran
Since 2002/2003
Jul 9, 2003
London, Ontario, Canada
I have a spare copy of Synergy ERFRO if you are interested in a trade. I think it might even be a promo, but I would have to look. Mike.
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