T. Rex - Electronic Warrior SACD 5.1

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Aug 15, 2006
Can't find much info on this release other than many of you aren't big fans.

I found an iso rip of this disc and ran it through iso2dsd to get multichannel dsf's on my mac. I then ran those dsf files through XLD to get multichannel flacs. Next, I imported them all into Audacity to create a single flac (to get them to my Apple TV/VLC app to listen on my home theatre set up).

Upon importing them, I noted all songs had content in all 6 channels except tracks 7 and 8, Planet Queen and Girl. Those only had content in four. (1,2 and 5,6 channels)

So my question is, does anyone know if those tracks should have content in all 6 channels?