Taylor Swift - Folklore

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Oct 31, 2008
Middle TN
Normally I would not be the one to wax lyrical about a Taylor Swift album, but she released a brand new album called "Folklore" yesterday, and it is far and away the greatest album she has ever made!
Her main collaborator on this album was Aaron Dessner of the great band The National (a band that really deserves to be heard in 5.1 surround) and he really has helped to bring out the absolute best in her songwriting. These songs have a depth and a maturity to them that I have never really heard in such focus from Ms. Swift before.
The bare nature of Aaron's musical arrangements has really brought her songwriting into such clear focus. Gone are the heavily compressed, radio-friendly pop sounds that dominated her last few albums. Instead, we have gorgeous pianos, guitars, and incredibly cool (but not over-bearing) synth textures that perfectly frame her songs in the best possible way.
It's like I always knew that she could make better records than she was making, and now, in the middle of a pandemic, she finally made an album that I think will last long after her career is over.

The first single ('Cardigan') is below:

And you can listen to the rest of the album (as lyric videos) below too: