Technics SH-3480 Schematic or Service Manual needed

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Mar 12, 2003
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Does anyone out there have the service info for the Technics SH-3480 CD-4 demogitator? I have two non-functional units and would like to get them restored by my tech but I am afraid that without info he may refuse the jobs. On a similar note, does anyone out there know if there was a Japanese equivalent to the SAMS manuals? I have seen on Yahoo Auctions various magazines with titles that Google Translate to "Radio Wave" or"Radio Science" that feature schematics for four channel gear but I can not find any online index to see which issues I might want to collect for info on my gear. Barring this, is there a contact somewhere that one might write to Panasonic requesting older schematics or service manuals? It would be nice to get some of my 4 channel Japanese gear working so I can either use it or move the duplicates on to other people with 4 ears.