DIGITAL Ten Years After - A space in Time (2012 4.1 Release!)


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neil wilkes

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Feb 6, 2004
London, England
Guys, one thing to keep in mind here please for a sense of perspective.
I doubt it is the fault of EMI here - except that someone should have picked up on it in QC somewhere.
Remember that for the last year they are all in the position of not knowing of they have a job at all tomorrow or not, and it is anybodys guess how many will survive the forthcoming UMG cull, if any at all.
This means it would simply not be in their best interests at all to get it so badly wrong, and I wager anything you care to name that the mixes were delivered to the authoring house as separate files which they will have encoded into AC3 and DTS.
That is where the cock-up has occurred - at the authoring house.

Address all complaints there on this one.

ar surround

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Apr 3, 2010
New Joisey
I couldn't endure listening to the reversed quad channels for very long, so I listened to the second half of the album in hi-res stereo with Logic 7 enhancement. Then last night I finally swung the couch around to face the rear speakers; which just happen to also be floorstanders that are slightly larger than the fronts (a long story.) This is indeed a very impressive quad mix but it probably wouldn't have worked out as well if the surrounds were significantly smaller than the fronts!