The Absolute Best Disc To Date In Hi-Rez

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Guy Robinson

Ok, the subject was rather weak. However, I have been at home today, as I had to do some things this morning. I have spent a good 10 hours at this point listening to DVD-A and SACD discs. Of all the discs I have which are I would say the top 50 in both the DVD-A and SACD categories, Beck's - Sea Change is the best sounding and the best surround mixed disc that I have. This is a SACD disc by the way. Who cares? I don't. It's the combination of Producer and Surround Sound Mix Producer as well as who does the mastering that matters. So being a Project Manager in my everyday work, I say that we lock Elliot Scheiner, Bob Ludwig and Nigel Godrich in a room and make them do all the surround discs from now on. :D This is the disc that all other non-classical discs should be gauged against at this point, including the "James Guthrie" DSOTM SACD which is no where close to the 5.1 DTS version I have of the same title that Rob sent me. Thanks Rob for opening my eyes to something that maybe is not quite as sonically equal to the SACD (marginally) but is VASTLY more satisfying from a Surround perspective. 10 points for the overall detailing (negative points to the Guthrie) and satisfying DTS mix and 5 points for the fact that Guthrie put some surround challenged version of the same thing out on SACD which is better sonically (I think). Hey the DTS version still wins by 5 points.
If I sound bitter it is perhaps that I am. Listening to Sea Change you can see what is possible and what is currently not happening from a surround/sonics combo. This was from 2002, so where are the comparable mixes in the last year? I don't think that there are any in the mainstream releases. I am pointing a finger at both DVD-A and SACD. It's obviously possible, LET'S DO IT!!!! Let the marketing types jump off the roof and leave the people that know how to do it in charge! It's 2003, we have the technology, let's ride the wave!!!!!!!!!!!!


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<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Thanks Rob for opening my eyes to something that maybe is not quite as sonically equal to the SACD (marginally) but is VASTLY more satisfying from a Surround perspective. [/quote]
I did spend a bit of time cleaning this tape recording up and doing it to my 5.1 standards.. Center and sub, how was the sub channel , not muddy or over powering .
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Guy Robinson

I liked the sub output very much. Better in fact than the SACD which I did find a tad overpowering. I like it when my shirt sleeves are flapping. I hear instruments and detailing in this mix that I don't hear in the SACD. The giutars are slightly more distorted in parts but this is the only thing that is worse than the SACD. What I like about it is that I can play it much higher than the SACD and it maintains it's detailing. Anyway, I have gone all over this in another link. This lowly DTS disc as well as Sea Change are so good mix wise that I am rather dissillusioned with what is being provided as "the big releases" lately. I really don't mean to rant but I feel that I must vent and this forum is the perfect place to do this.