The Official QQ NFL Tailgate Thread


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They wanted BBQ so we ordered $200+ food to be picked up at 11:30 for the game at noon. Family get together, football, beer, BBQ. Sounds nice, right?

Then last night we found out one of them hates the Chiefs because you know why. They will be touring some kinda baseball museum instead. So when it opens up now I have to call & see if I can reschedule for later PU.

What's the matter with these bone heads? I'm in bad mood already.
BBQ? Beer? I would just keep my mouth shut except to take bites and gulps. Besides, fan or foe, who doesn't enjoy watching The Adventures of Patrick Mahomes? He's an entertainment enterprise all of his own. You should have invited the QQ boys over instead.
And it's as if you are actually there, the picture quality is that good.

Very cool. Do they use the American announcers or does the UK have their own?
Football at Wembly! That's just grand!
It's American announcers.
Commercial breaks are covered by Sky pundits who usually give amusing asides on various plays on all of today's games. One English man, two Americans are giving it large. One being a female, Phoebe Schectar, who joined the Buffalo Bill's as a tight end coach in 2018!! The male is Jason Bell, he played for the Cowboys, Texans and the Giants.
Wow man Bears do suck.
Rickie, I am so disappointed in Lions, they gave game to seabirds
hats off to Seattle --and Geno --they played EXTREMELY well

The Lions had a porous pass defense. surprise surprise and the Seahawks allowed very little pass pressure

it was a fun game other than the outcome

it will prolly be our only loss of the season. o_O
Ravens are looking good @Bill B .

Bengals starting at 0-2 for the second year in a row. How many times can a team with Super Bowl aspirations get away with behavior like that?
The Ravens have looked OK. They did manage to control the ball today (time of possession). Too many times the Ravens play to the level of their opponents, which means games are often decided in the last two minutes. Unlike past years, we do seem to have a lot of offensive weapons (reciever-wise). Once again though, it's week two, so a lot of teams haven't reached their potential yet. A lot of room for improvement.