The Official QQ NFL Tailgate Thread


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Maybe this season the Jets O-line will get him through four games instead of four plays. Look, that achilles injury at 40 just isn't the same as when it happens at 30. Unless Rodgers learns how to duck-and-cover like TB, he won't last much longer.
this scenario is Bret Favre all over again. A-Ron will end up with a broken leg. Prolly on Oct 6 when they play the Vikings. It will kinda be like Deja Vu in reverse
NY Rangers are underdogs to the Florida Panthers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Rangers were dogs in the Canes series as well. I like this trend as it seems to be working out for the Blue Shirts. Besides, it's heresy for a team from where natural ice never occurs outdoors to win a Stanley Cup. 🥶
Agree. Canes Andersen failed the Leafs, the NY win seemed predictable when I saw Andersen in goal.
A Leaf revenge? PLEASE>Rangers destroy the Panthers. Original Six for Stanley.

And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)
Now the time has come (Time)
There are things to realize (Time)
I know there's not so much baseball on this thread, but what the Cubs' Shoto Imanaga is doing is AMAZING:
That’s amazing, Clement, but not nearly as fun as your steady conquering of the bowling alley.

The most fun baseball game I ever went to was a Mets 16-15 victory over the Pirates. I’ll take a game like that over an epic pitching duel.