The Official QQ NFL Tailgate Thread


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Oilers won. Fan Duel favorites to win the Stanley Cup:

Dallas: +230
Panthers: +230
Oilers: +260
Rangers: +360

Who the hell wants to see a Stanley Cup ice hockey final in 110 degF heat. Go Rangers / Oilers.
Id love that match up AR !!
ice just now melting off the lakes in Alberta

no to Dallas and no to Florida
Oh, say, can you see Oilers/Rangers final with Rangers winning. Oh I can - ada. (Ignore me) Just bad.

Think blue...
KC at SF, SF revenge, but who cares, revenge will only be in the Super Bowl., Lions at SF=Lions revenge but SF shuts them down.

My children are already fighting over who's going to what game, I said fuck it, buy your own tickets if your that interested.
week 17. good luck finding a LIons helmet. sold out everywhere