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I usually buy SACDs from ImportCD but ALL the ones I really want are on backorder and do NOT qualify for the 10% discount so I went over to their sister company DEEP DISCOUNT who are now offering 15% off on in stock items and unlike ImportCD do offer free s/h on orders $25 and over and ordered Rhino's new Seal 2 BD~A ATMOS/2 CD collection and Robert Fripp EXPOSURE [CD/DVD~V 5.1].



A24 audio-video Atmos edition of Stop Making Sense available at £37.30 for UK-based folks when you buy a second item. UK availability in and of itself is a bit of a deal, and the price is less than the A24 RRP with free shipping instead of extortion. I picked up the also reasonably priced Seal II Blu-ray to get the 25% off promotion.

From past experience, allyourmusic tend to increase their prices following successful sales/fee copies left, so the £37.30 I got might be temporary.
Throughout the month of JUNE, Deep Discount has been offering a multitude of discount codes [mostly 10% off] applicable to IN STOCK ITEMS and the emailI received today indicated this would be one of their last discount codes for awhile. FREE S/H on orders $25 and over!

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