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Apr 22, 2002
Attleboro, MA
So, it's been a year since I did my live quadcast episode, and in the time since then I've just posted announcements relating to the shoot-out.

Which, speaking of the shoot-out, don't forget to participate! I've received some submissions, but not nearly as many as I was expecting, so go subscribe to the channel, and check out the latest video announcing the SQ shoot out, which includes download links in the description.


Anyways, I had said I was going to try and make the live shows a monthly thing, and I did get some positive response from that episode. But I never got back to it. I have some ideas, but I seem to struggle to really develop this into something. And I think the problem comes back to one thing that I've known about myself for as long as I've been doing internet radio. I suck at doing shows solo. I talk a lot, I generally keep things from being silent, but talking to myself is not fun, and I don't feel like I produce anything of value or unique when it's just a video of me talking to myself.

I work much better with co-hosts.

So, I figured, I'll throw this out there. Not sure how much interest there is in this channel. But, if anyone is interested in being involved, I think it could be cool to host some shows, if other regulars around here wanted to co-host with me. Google hang outs makes it possible for multiple people to join a session, and have it stream to youtube. It's pretty slick, and it even automatically switches cameras based on who is talking.

I'm thinking talking with other converters could be cool to do a series of shows about conversion/preservation. I certainly have a lot I can talk about on the topic, but having another well known converter hop in could be cool, to start talking about our techniques, and methods, and compare notes. Or have an old timer that was buying quad in the days it was current talk about some of their experiences. Or heck, if Jon stops by and talks about starting and running the forum. I know some people have posted pictures of their projects tweaking or restoring equipment, talking about that on a show could be cool. Or....just anyone that feels like they have something to say and want to talk quad with some others and see what topics come up.

To participate, one should have a decent way to do sound, a usb headset is an easy and adequate way to do it, and a decent internet connection. Webcam is a plus since this is a youtube show, but not mandatory, since the focus is more on discussion anyways. I also generally have skype up on my computer, so if someone doesn't necessarily want to commit to being a co-host, but wouldn't mind calling in briefly to discuss a certain topic or ask a question, I do take calls. And of course I take write in messages as well.

Anyways, just wanted to throw that out there, and see if I could drum up any interest in co-hosting, either regularly, occasionally, or a one off. Drop me a line if interested. I'm hoping to do an episode soon about the Teac project, so it would be nice to have someone join in that is interested in talking quad preservation.


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Jun 10, 2016
For those with same problem finding The Quadcast on YouTube..just youtube search " The Quadcast ' you , atleast I didnt, dont get to see this channel i just found out. So I added to the search thesaurus " The Quadcast Quadrophonic ". And Bamm,..first two videos are of this channel. Sweet channel!!
Welcome to QQ, johnny! (And as you may already know: Army of Quad is is something of a legend in these precincts.)