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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this new reissue of the classic album "Vagabonds of the Western World" by Thin Lizzy.
The album has been newly remixed in 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos for its 50th anniversary.

Originally announced as a 3CD/Blu-Ray box set (coming out now on December 15th) a single disc Blu-Ray Audio release quietly came out with little announcement or fanfare, and it is available now.

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Listened streaming through tidal. Not impressed at all, very mediocre kind of big stereo image with just a bit of overdubs / reflections and the like on the rears. Take the drums on the title track for example, that could be an amazing room filling sound and then many moments of that classic dual guitar sound are just begging for some surround action but most of the instruments are anchored to the fronts. You do get some cowbells in the surrounds though so it's not a total loss :) I give it a 6, not terrible but too much missing potential. Doubt I'll be purchasing the blu-ray.
I voted 9. Why? Mainly because it is Thin Lizzy, hard for me to be critical with bands I know intimately like Lizzy and Ten Years After. I want so much for the higher ups to release more in surround.

Doing my little experiment.
Thin Lizzy-Vagabonds Of The Western World-2023 Box Set.
Blu Ray Atmos vs 5.1.

I listened to the Atmos first, I thought this is a bit weak, great Dolby Atmos signal and heights are definitely engaged, but, you know, I have heard better, right?
I played the 5.1 thinking I would like the more concentrated sound of 5 speakers instead of 9.
No, I did not.
Taking the time to listen to both the Atmos and the 5.1, I decided I much prefer the Atmos.
Just a more fuller sound, and even though there is no real trickery in the heights, there is a nice strong signal which gives me the listener a nice immersive experience.
You can really push the volume on this and just sounds better.
DR's are mainly in the 11's.
Atmos Bonus tracks, a real nice bonus, A & B sides of singles. You get Whiskey In The Jar in Atmos, cool.
Ripping: Very easy, using MakeMKV and Music Media Helper, playback as always is JRiver.

Glad I purchased this especially when The Rocker, explodes into the rears.

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I'm not super familiar with their earlier albums. Heard this stuff around since forever and like it well enough! I imagine the original recordings for this one are just lo-fi rubbish! The mix hits you with an obvious lo-fi sound initially. But it doesn't sound overly harsh or offensive. The first track might be the most lo-fi? Or you get a little used to it after. I think the mix is really well done considering the obvious condition the raw tracks must be in all the same. I suspect this presents this one in the best light possible.

Some of the early 'rock' albums are kind of a lo-fi distorted mess it turns out! Early Ten Years After and early Deep Purple also come to mind. The original raw recordings are just only so good.

Great to see something like this in Atmos. It doesn't justify turning on the extra speakers and amps but it made for a great excuse to listen to it all the same and likely from the best seats ever possible. Can't argue with that!
Pretty disappointed. It's average, at best. I get it, older recording, original tapes probably mediocre. I just can't rate this much higher.

I sort of copped out on my rating. So, let me do this the right way.

Content - 10
Fidelity - 7
Surround mix - 6

Averages out to 7.6. I don't want to round up on this one, I'll round down to a 7.
My original score of 6 was knee-jerk, and not thought through with my classical breakout.
I voted an 8 on this release:

Content -10
Fidelity - 7
Mix - 7

I think the number of musicians and technology probably limited what could be done, but it's the best I've ever heard my favorite Thin Lizzy album sound, so I'm pleased with it.
A blu ray that probably makes the most of what was on tape. Mainly a three piece band a few overdubs. The mix defiantly makes the most of what's their. All speakers used stuff in the rears, almost like the over dubs in the rears band front and center (probably doing the mix a disservice there) pleasant enough from Lizzy mark 1
Being Thin Lizzy one of my favourite bands ever, I had to vote 5.

Even if the album is great (like all the Thin Lizzy albums), the mix didn't impress me at all.

The Atmos or 5.1 mixes are better than the original stereo, but nothing spectacular.
Great album and I was so hopeful of a great sounding atmos mix, but I was disappointed and underwhelmed. Take "the Rocker" for instance - the song is mostly an amazing blistering guitar solo that is pretty much confined to the center channel in this mix; the guitar should have been soaring all over and around me. Overall, the disc is alright but I feel it could have been so much better - the bonus tracks help.
I bought this without any real expectations as I’d not actually heard it before and only knew The Rocker and Whiskey in the Jar before. However I really enjoyed it in 5.1 and stereo , I mean it’s not ever going to sound like it was made for surround but overall it’s not bad. It’s actually a great album and I’m glad to have it.
Voted 9 because it’s got good extra tracks, A and B sides plus the instrumental mix (got to listen to this soon too) thrown in too.