Tidal app on Apple TV 4k doesn't work


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Nov 3, 2018
Denver, Co
You cannot search for the available albums by entering "Dolby Atmos", it returns about 8 albums you've never heard of, 6 of them white noise recordings. About 30 Atmos albums show up on the opening page, but as soon as a new one is posted, the oldest disappears. There is no "more" button, no settings buttons, no real controls at all. Tidal customer service pretends like they don't know what you're talking about. They say "Go to the Explore" tab, there is NO EXPLORE TAB on Apple TV app (only Web App and Mac and Windows). As I said, the SEARCH function doesn't return Atmos albums. You could find them on a laptop that was Atmos enabled, (otherwise the albums won't even show, you can't even look at them) Horrible customer service. My Apple TV still cuts off the first few seconds of Atmos songs. It's one of the worst apps I've ever come across.
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