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TIDAL unveils Sony 360 Reality Audio

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Jun 10, 2016
>Sigh<. Jeez, Tony: you're someone who's actually done true surround mixes. Did Sony pay you a shit-ton of money to flog this, or are your ears shot, or did you just drink the Kool-Aid? At least Atmos exists in both faux and vrai versions, even if Dolby's marketers are doing their level best to confuse the issue. But Sony 360 is all smoke and mirrors, as far as I can tell. The masses can have their 360 Reality Audio mix if they want it. But why in the world would Sony imagine the masses would care? For those of us who really do care about surround sound: give us a genuine immersive mix designed for "seven speakers in your front room." We'll eat it up!
I had somehow missed an entire thread devoted (more or less) to Visconti's remix of Space Oddity when I wrote the dyspeptic words above. (I only discovered it after I saw the album on sale at HD Tracks and began Googling.) Anyway, sorry for inadvertently repeating what others had already said.

Sounds like the title track is the only one he remixed for 360 Reality Audio. So has anyone who ponied up for Amazon Music HD actually heard it on an Echo Studio speaker (or over headphones with Deezer or Tidal)?