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May 30, 2017
industry news 11/24/21

a good recap of where we are in the surround sound business
Thanks ‘rocker! I like this statement, it may be a different perspective for us soundbar haters…

“New formats must therefore also work with playback devices for the small budget if they do not want to wither into a niche.”

the writer said also:

“On the other hand, 360RA does not play a role in films and so far there are no AV receivers that could reproduce the format.”

but I don’t think the AVR statement is correct.


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Mar 2, 2002

With profit prospects like this, it is all the more amazing how many mistakes the industry makes. It starts with the all too well-hidden 3D songs on the streaming platforms, which can often only be found using search terms such as “3D Audio”. It continues with sloppily compiled playlists that jumble up the 3D and stereo versions. It is not uncommon for a song to rumble too loud in the bass, while the next one can hardly hear the singer. And finally, Sony also messed up the headphone simulation of 360RA: Some classics like “Space Oddity” sound so unnaturally inflated in 3D that David Bowie would rotate in his grave.
It usually takes several years for knowledge about the possibilities of new formats to spread and for all teething troubles to be eradicated. The music industry is still at the beginning.

To all older-than-me-farts: does all this sound familiar? :)


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Jan 8, 2010
So nothing really has changed!

Mixes need to be on point in the basic midrange area. That means it should come across on a portable cassette machine or a modern phone! That gets you in the door. The mix should ideally have full fidelity when played on a suitable device. You can get away with a release that doesn't, you just won't (hopefully) win any awards. Same as is ever was.

Any notions that crop up of purposefully mixing for rogue shit devices are out to lunch as always. You might be able to craft something that works out in left field but then the people with shit devices that are in right field are left out. Oh, and the ones in left field didn't even notice the effort! Turns out they're used to their left field device and fine with it.

Make the main human hearing midrange elements on point and even someone with a shitbar will at least be able to hear it (normal to them) and sing along.

Yeah, lots of excuses for damaged or novelty sources on these streaming platforms.