TV Streaming Services and their Content

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May 30, 2017
Bosch: Legacy
Premiering May 6 on IMDb TV (WTF is that & does this also include Amazon Prime???)

Honey got SHOT!, Little Maddie a cop and Harry is not! Oh My!
less of a spinoff and more of a reboot

Amazon renamed its ad supported service to freevee. So if I understand this correctly, even though you may have Amazon Prime service, some content will end up on freevee (ad supported) as a kind of streaming sub-service. Even though for free, it seems to mean even with an Amazon Prime subscription, you may still have to sit through commercials. πŸ˜’

Bosch: Legacy will be on freevee.

New trailer-


Sonik Wiz

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May 30, 2005
Kansas City
Hey gang here's a shout out to anyone with Apple TV + that has started watching Pachinko:

I do not have Apple TV so I'm curious what others on the forum might think. It seems pretty epic & a cut above the more superficial stuff I might watch. I am familiar with some of the actors like Lee Min-Ho that starred in the Korean live action series City Hunter.

Since this is a series based on generations of Koreans eventually making it in America I was at first confused by the title Pachinko, which is a Japanese game of chance. Realizing that it starts out in Japanese occupied Korea I guess the name is pretty fitting.

Is content on Apple TV + eventually shared elsewhere? Or on disc? Geez, I guess I could always read the book....