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Two Quite Reasonable Classical SACD Lots

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Oct 12, 2011
These popped up on eBay and they might be of interest to a SACD/multichannel person interested in getting into classical. I was tempted to buy them myself, but I already have 70% of what's there, and the price point is slightly too high for effective flipping (I'd guess each lot would cost 2x-3x the asking price to build from scratch).


Both have a few rare discs sprinkled in, and the quality level on these is pretty uniformly excellent. The 1st lot is mostly surround, while the 2nd lot has a lot of 3-channel stereo along with some surround. One of the discs in lot 1, the Angela Hewitt Bach French Suites on Hyperion, is actually a regular CD (her recording of the English suites was a stereo/mch SACD, fwiw).