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Quad Linda

Staff member
Jun 3, 2011
DROP YOUR WAD ON QUAD Chicago, Illinois
8. Music is stellar, Audio fidelity above average, picture quality fair. I've owned the DVD-V, Blu-Ray and CD. Not to be missed. There are a few covers besides their originals. Their "money" album after the Joshua Tree, although far from cheesy.


1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Aug 10, 2013
3/10 for me. I like much of the musical content, but it seemed to be a three channel (L,C,R) mix. Also the UK version of the DVD I've got is sped up from 24fps to 25fps. Should have NTSC'd it!


Active Member
Dec 25, 2015
I must admit that I really like this disc!

I own the HD-DVD version which comes with a Dolby Digital Plus EX as well as a DTS ES (Discrete) soundtrack option. The Blu Ray however has no EX or ES encoding, and the Dolby Digital Plus Soundtrack was scrapped in favor of a standard Dolby mix. Kinda strange. Both Discs seem to be out of print in 2016, with Blu Rays selling for 30€ right now on eBay.

But how does the HD-DVD fare when it comes to sound?

On my system both sound astoundingly good for a concert from that era, even though I always have to push my Subwoofer to absurd levels (plus 12 dB on my Marantz! :O ) to get it sound punchy. Not the best mastering it seems, and the surround mix is a bit of a mixed bag, too. There are songs where it all comes crashing down, with Bono prominently singing from the Center, Edge playing somewhere in the room and the audience audible in the surrounds. On the song "Bad" you can even spot Larrys' Drums sound from the sixth channel in the rear. All in all: No spectacular mix, but entertaining nonetheless. If I'd have to characterize the soundtrack in one sentence I'd say that the concert is presented in "enhanced stereo". And that is, at least to my liking, not the worst decision for a live concert.

And how's the performance of the band?

I am not a U2 fan, and I hardly know anything else apart from the usual radio hits. But the concert overall is really appealing. You get the feeling that the guys really were in their primes while filming this show. From an entertainment point of view, with all prominent hits included, this is a clear no-brainer. Especially "Sunday Bloody Sunday" gives me goosebumps every single time. Probably the best concert compilation there is from them, at least to my knowledge.

The Picture quality ranges from bad to fair, from black and white to very unrealistic color shots. Not my cup of tea, but it gets it's job done.

Sound: 7 out of 10
Picture: 5 out of 10
Performance: 10 out of 10

A good 7 overall to me.