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Ultravox "Vienna" (Steven Wilson 5.1 remix later this year?!)

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May 12, 2017
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No 5.1 mentioned <cry>. Beautiful tune -- reminds me when I first moved to Scotland for grad school, and as a "yank" (grrr, I'm a S'UTHENEH, boy!), I found the November solar switch to dark Maxfield Parrish skies around 2:30 in the afternoon depressing. Not to mention the added cold.

But what surreal gorgeousness to hear that song on Radio 1 as I gazed out on a luminescent purple sky with Craigmillar Castle in the background! I still think of that moment years later.

Yet, still no buy if it is vinyl. Sigh. I'll keep to my memories.

Patrick Cleasby

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Mar 1, 2002
Grantham UK
Just posted on one of the SW groups - some publicity which suggests one of the two SW remix surprises for RSD will be a SW new stereo version of Sleepwalk as a single.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum baby...

Super Deluxe incoming...
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Dec 23, 2010
Nice bit of detective work! I’ve got to admit I’m pretty convinced there will be a 5.1 mix even on this slim evidence.

Box Set + Steven Wilson is fairly convincing anyway, but what sells it to me is the phrase “stereo mix”(ironically). Even back in the dark ages of 1980, singles were just assumed to be stereo. It would not normally be worth mentioning that the new mix is stereo - unless there is a non-stereo mix floating about somewhere. So assuming they haven’t also created a mono 😲 mix I’m crossing my fingers for the full 5.1.


Feb 2, 2010
Newtonville MA
I hope there is a 5.1 for this, partially because the original mix of this record is excellent. For me , the only way Steven Wilson could add to the music would be by doing something radically different to the tracks, or by doing 5.1 . No disrespect to Steven, as we all know he is fantastic, but Conny Plank's work with Ultravox is among his best.
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