Vintage stuff for sale in the Atlanta metro - local pickup only


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Apr 23, 2019
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About a month ago, I went to an estate sale in Woodstock GA where the man who passed away was a quadraphonic hoarder. Not just a hoarder, but a HOARDER. You wouldn't believe this large house was full of quad gear; quad 8 track decks, turntables, cartridges, amps, receivers, speakers, switching boxes, quad headphones and an entire room full of quad reels. There must have been 50 of them. He bought all this stuff and apparently never used any of it. It took the family about 2 weeks to sell it all. They sold his collection of quad albums and tapes, over a thousand items, to a local record store.

Well, it turns out, that wasn't all of his stuff! They recently found more in a storage area of the house and need to sell it. (FYI, selling this equipment is helping to pay the many bills this man left his family.) If you are within driving distance to Woodstock GA and are looking for some top end vintage stuff that may or may not work, this is for you.

I've attached some not-so-good photos I was sent of some of the stuff. As you can see. That Sansui QRX -9001 looks in pristine condition. The Pioneer amp, not so much. And the Marantz 4140 is only a partial picture so, who knows?

They also found about a thousand mostly quad records and a couple of hundred (I assume Q8) tapes that they are planning to sell in bulk. Many of the albums that were purchased on eBay are still in their shipping boxes, unopened.

If you are interested in any of this stuff, private message me and I'll connect you with someone. Again, they insist they are not shipping anything.

FYI, the person who I have been in contact with is an audio friend of the son-in-law of this guy. He's trying to help the family out. If you have a Facebook account, I can give you his name so you can PM him directly.

Another FYI. I bought two receivers and a quad cartridge from the original estate sale and all were working, but not perfectly. Well worth the $375 I spent on all of it, so the price for these units will be excellent. I personally ask to try not to low-ball these folks. They are in kind of a mess right now. Thank you.

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