Want FLAC surround playing and SACD surround playing and 4 channel recording to/from vintage Quad Rig.


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Jan 8, 2010
Atmos is a ringer right now. Dolby is being aggressive with only selling their decoder license to hardware AVR makers and pointedly keeping it out of software media players. They want you to re-purchase all your expensive DAC channels and amps and see this as a way to strong arm planned obsolescence around that.

But they kind of need to provide the software to the people making the mixes don't they! Their Atmos capable media player is a one time $400 purchase at present. Looks like it's the only one available right now. It comes for free with a year subscription to their encoder software. The media player app is reported to work indefinitely and not tied to their subscription scam. (I consider all subscription based software to be a scam to avoid.)

FYI, the core 7.1 channels in an Atmos file are a standard 7.1 file with Dolby TrueHD encoding. Then they hide the 4 height channels and any object channels used in metadata so they could lock down their decoder business to force hardware sales.

When you finally plan on hanging those 4 speakers from the ceiling, also plan for that $400 media player app.

Careful with this stuff!