Warner Brothers "Loss Leaders"

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Jun 14, 2002
Sacramento, California
I still can't believe I didn't scare up 20 bucks and buy the Loss Leaders, back then.
I found all the ones I didn't already have and digitized the lot within the last few years if anyone needs anything specific. Only one skip anywhere, on the Todd Rundgren track on Hard Goods.

There's disagreement about whether the ECM one really counts and in fact I don't have that one.


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May 28, 2011
NW Ontario
In the mid seventies I picked up the odd Warner and/or Reprise labelled album (from the cut out bin) that had the Loss Leaders inner sleeve. I contemplated purchasing some of them but because the sleeve was dated 1974 it was by then a couple of years outdated. I didn't know if the offer was still valid, so didn't bother. Since I've picked up a few on eBay or Discogs paying far more than the original $2.00. In hind site I should've risked $20.00, I'm sure the money would've been returned if the offer was no longer valid.

It was a very cool idea, even if you only liked one or two songs from each album the hope was that you would purchase the actual album(s)!