What Are You Waiting On? (Surround Only)


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Seemingly changes daily. Some arrive, more ordered. :)

Out for delivery today, Pearl Jam - Dark Matter. On a side note, I really like USPS informed delivery. Once the shipment shows up as trackable, you can then rename that shipment with a nickname so you know what it is every time you check USPS website.

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Duh, I've used Informed Delivery for years and never noticed the "nickname" field. That will be a great way to keep track of deliveries by name. Thanks for the info!
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Waiting on:

Rumours (shipping email received but not yet tracking)
The Best of The Doors (shipping email received but not yet tracking)
Wham! x2 (shipping email received but not yet tracking)
Howard Johnson x2
Robin Trower
The official May 3rd Rhino announcement for order placement
The next Dutton Vocalion announcement
My next credit card statement! 😱

(And, off topic: The Rascals box in stereo)