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What Do You Think The Next Rhino Quadio Title Will Be?

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Clint Eastwood

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Jun 11, 2014
Int Space Station
Honestly, I'm still pinching myself that they got the Chicago set out. As happy as I'd be with a matching Doobies set, those four albums were released on reel (plus the awesome 5.1 mix of Captain on DVD-A) and there are some excellent conversions of those floating around. Even the CD-4s aren't bad. Compare that with the nine Chicago albums released only on SQ and Q8.

So if it does come to pass, awesome. Sign me up! But if it doesn't, I wouldn't be too crushed. I felt the same way when Sony Japan cancelled their Multichannel SACD of Bridge Over Troubled Water, as there's already a high quality copy of the quad mix out there.
Spot on...for that Chicago set to be released still amazes me...not an easy sell to embark on a project like that...I can't think of a better overall set and coverage of a band in surround...just amazing..


2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Since 2002/2003
Jul 5, 2002
Surf City, CA
It's ALL well and good that 'conversions' are floating around but IMO, the REAL DEAL are the QUAD masters which are usually 15 ips. Those conversions might satisfy the small segment that own them but I'm sure either SONY Japan QUAD SACDs or those emanating from D~V would be MUCH MORE PREFERABLE!
I think it’s a case by case thing, with some consumer level Q4 conversions to 4-Chan pcm approaching professional level label released product. I could list a half dozen or more that indeed do sound that great. While others are fun, an improvement over Q8 any day of the year, but do not reach pro level.

What is going to take the consumer Q4 transfer to the next level is the Plangent Process. Now being used on old analogue tapes by some major artists Springsteen (late remasters) and Grateful Dead (Betty Boards), etc. this process records the analogue signal to 24/192kHz, and finds any wow or flutter or speed variations- and digitally irons out those flaws even if they were introduced on an earlier generation of the tapes. Bright end gets the sharpness back 100%, making it seem like a generation or two of tape noise and flutter has been eliminated.

So this professional application is not too far away from being accessible to the quad excavator / restoration / converter at home.

It might even make a Q8 more salvageable, and bring out some sharpness to those hissy slow moving reels.

Anyway, I think in some cases (hopefully not too many), the consumer Q4 is the best we will ever see on the market for a given title. Sad as that sounds, it’s still a lot better than nothing, and with Plangent coming online, I’m kind of ecstatic to know that my favorite Q4s are going to get a remaster in the coming years that will sound remarkably improved.