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What's the Latest QUAD TAPE Added to Your Pile? Q8, Q4

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Quad Linda

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Jun 3, 2011
DROP YOUR WAD ON QUAD Chicago, Illinois
Q-Eight, some killer titles there. I bought all the Airplane/Starship related Quads. I have all the US CD-4's. All others I have on Q8. I also bought all of them on CD, most of the Airplane/Starship Gold CD's & all SACD's.

Musically, I like the Papa John the best. Then, the Tuna. BYW: they wanted to name themselves Hot Shit. For some reason, RCA nixed that.

Quad mixes are in keeping with other Grunt titles. There is nothing out of the ordinary about the Quad mixes. Not a bad thing, since they're pretty discrete. 9 for the mixes. 8/9 for most of performances. There are a couple things in Sunfighter that I love musically. Others have never hit me. I'd rate it 6/7 for the music. I also owned LP and own the CD. One of my seldom listened to albums.

Tuna Q8 Quad mix perhaps a bit less active Quad mix. There are less people. Musically, it is one of my fave Tuna albums.

All very worthwhile additions to your collection!

I can't comment on the Friends Q8's. Never heard them. I do have a promo CD-4 of their Greatest. Also own the Golden Classics CD on Collectables. Grazin' in the Grass CD-4 is a track I've played hundreds of times. The rest of the CD-4 and CD are among my least played. Love or Let Me Be Lonely is another of their tracks I like.

Sidebar: Jessica Cleaves joined Earth, Wind & Fire for Last Days & Time and Head to the Sky. I'd Rather Have You on Last Days (2ch only) might be her best performance. Head is one of my most played Q8's and is made better on Quad SACD.
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