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To show I’m not totally without restraint, I didn’t get the Greatest Hits title or Before the Flood.
Turns out I was full of full of you-know-what.

Only took a few simple sentences from @Quad Linda to push me over.

On the positive side of things, not waiting for Father’s Day for Greatest Hits means I still get a Father’s Day gift.

Side story about Greatest Hits. I ordered a new copy from a seller on Amazon that shipped outside of Amazon. Opened the package and found the standard Sony jewell case version. Should have looked at his feedback closer... I wasn’t the first one to order a higher-priced MoFi and get a standard CD.

Sent an e-mail explaining the error and asking how it would be rectified. But having a feeling it might not end well, I ordered another copy from someone on eBay. That’s the one in the photo.

The Amazon seller never responded. Amazon said I should simply jump to Request a Refund which I did. I got a mailing label from the seller (but still no personal note about the issue) and sent it back today. Not expecting anything, so if I do get a refund it will be like a happy bonus.

Some new SACDs in the mail. And confirming reports elsewhere... yes, the booklet for CtE was put together improperly. Easily fixed if you don’t mind removing the staples, putting the spreads in the right order, then re-stapling. A bit shoddy on the quality control, but not fatal, either.