White Witch a new Magenta album with Orchestra (not surround)


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Aug 30, 2012

An orchestral album (with no surround mix :( )


Magenta's brand new, and long awaited, 9th studio album sees a major change in direction from past works. A fully orchestrated affair with no drums or bass anywhere to be found (sorry Dan and Jiffy :) ) with Christina, like a fine wine, getting better with age and really gelling gloriously with the music. Chris Fry provides a classical guitar clinic which certainly augments the overall lush sound and that brings us to Robert Reed. While composers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Howard Shore are at the forefront of modern day film music scores, Rob succeeds in producing, arranging and adapting Magenta's unique sound so that he stands alongside some of the greatest composers of the modern era.

'White Witch - A Symphonic Trilogy' will take you on a musical exploration the likes of which you've never experienced.

Track Listing

Part I - Sacrifice
Part II - Retribution
Part III - Survival

Orchestral arrangement by Robert Reed

Christina Booth - vocal
Chris Fry - classical guitar
Les Penning - story teller

Featured soloists
Katie Axelsen - flute
Sam Baxster - oboe