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Senior Member
Nov 6, 2013
NSW, Australia
Gave this another listen yesterday, a wonderful 'EP'. In some ways I think the orchestral version of "The Raven..." is better than the album version. When those strings swell playing the musical motif in the last couple of minutes of the track, it affects me in a way that the 'rock' version doesn't.

My daughter has a similar emotional response to the song as the other partners mentioned, she loves it but "Dad, it's just so sad". I also have the Deluxe edition with the book/stories, and she knows and loves the full story. I was surprised the video wasn't on the Blu-ray of the full album.

All in all though, a nice sideline from the main album with superb audio and visuals, and definitely not a hasty cynical knock-off to make a few bucks extra. 10/10 from me.